what a surprise.
Yo my name's Lexi, and this is an art blog, occasionally you'll see me reblogging stuff like references or things i'm inspired by.

I mostly draw cats and people. A lot of fanart, but more original art should be popping up this year uwu.
Oh yeah, I also do a bit of 3D modeling and animation~
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Lulakan this time! I prefer the name Lulakan to Bird lmao. It sounds nice :3 Similar style to Usagimodoki~ Ren might be done tonight if i can really be bothered to draw.

A few assets I modeled for the programming class’ games they’re making :3 Weird ass germy things. The theme was a nanobot in the human body fighting off viruses and such.

My mate RuffTuffrabbit's dumb fursona, Crayon, attempting the Leap of Faith lmao.

I’m really into DMMd right now lmao. I’ll probably draw the rest of the allmates too at some point.

whee sorrynotsorry for the sudden art spamdump.

Lil fluff nugget tequila. Idk i’ve got a better ref WIP i’ll finish soon. Also attempted to sculpt his head in sculptris.

Concept art yes! Alien plants for the game level we’re building in class. The area is based around a desert oasis, so most of these are plants that would likely be able to store a large amount of water inside of them, like succulents and cacti.

WIP of one of my victorian era charas, Cecilia. I like the flat colours a lot more than the shaded one so far.



So today I felt like sharing some useful websites that provide pre-made color palettes (left side), as well as sites that allow you to create custom ones (right side). They can be used for graphic design, themes, art, interior design, or just something pretty to look at.

Adobe Kuler (Explore)



Just Jaimee Daily Color Inspiration

Design Seeds

Adobe Kuler (Create)

Color Scheme Designer

Color Palette Generator (paste the URL of an image and it will automatically generate a pallet that matches the image)

Color Hunter (upload an image and it will automatically generate a pallet that matches the image)


I hope you find this useful (and please like or reblog if you did)! Enjoy :)


things to remember while drawing:

  • anatomy is great but dont stop because you cant get it perfect
  • not every picture has to be a masterpiece
  • try new things but remember its ok to draw things you like to draw
  • just because someone younger than you is “better” than you are does not mean you are untalented 
  • everyone sees things differently
  • be proud of what you can do because nobody can do things the same way you can


A generous fuck-ton of human teeth/mouth references.


A glorious fuck-ton of perspective angle references (per request).

[From various sources.]


tbh, i’m not all that great at posing, but hey, here u go friend

Terezi this time! I probably should have moved her over less than i did up.

fell free to use this on your blog or something, as long as credit is given!

K so this is a WIP of Flarp!Terezi b c I love her outfit! But I’m having a really difficult time with her left goddamned hand. Would anyone like to help out? possibly with some references or a redline or something pleease?